Random acts of kindness that bring me joy

Being a hijabi, I often find myself in situations and places where people are general wary of my presence. Perhaps their discomfort is simply due to the fact that I look different and doesn’t necessarily come from fear. I try not to judge people for feeling this way because I know that it’s just the way people are, we tend to take comfort in conforming… or maybe this is all just in my head because I know I appear different.

Today, my husband and I went to eat at a quick service restaurant. I placed an order for a vegetarian meal (as I don’t eat non-halal meats) and the woman in line behind me politely told me that they have tofu too in case I liked that. I was pleasantly surprised and told her “I’m good” and immediately realized how curt I must’ve sounded. I completed my ordered and thanked her a few times as nicely as possible. I know this sounds silly, but this kind of thing happens so rarely where I live that it made me feel happy that someone who didn’t know me at all, wasn’t worried about my appearance and offered help in a gentle way, and was perceptive enough to realize that I was looking for vegetarian options..Perhaps she has other muslim friends. The woman had her dinner by herself, and left, but she did brighten my day 🙂


The real first post

Today is a warm sunny day in beautiful New England. The birds are chirping and the sun is shining, pleasant mood is in the air. Living in New England, which is the North Eastern-most part of the United States can get very confusing (at least to me). Six months of the year are an almost-wintry desert – flecks of green, some brown, lots of white. Once 3 months of winter are over, it’s a countdown till Spring…a long countdown..IMG_0219

Blooming Dahlia

But then, once the snow melts and Spring sets in, the transformation is almost magical, waves of colors on trees, on bushes, and literally everywhere! Not having grown up in these areas, I’ve only now had the pleasure of experiencing this, and the I cannot describe the joy I feel. Spring, Summer, and Fall are incredible. I get to wake up to the chirping of birds! Sometimes ducks and geese pay me visits at my front yard. I see bees busily buzzing about doing that business of collecting and pollinating. I see clouds billowing and flying by carried by the gentle breeze..Later in the year, I see a second wave of color this time from the leaves themselves rather than any flowers, and the display is simply stunning. After going through a few years of these seasonal changes, I’ve begun to realize that it’s in these two extreme climatic conditions that we see beauty. I live in this area and can appreciate what I see, but truly there is beauty in nature everywhere, and sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by this beauty and wonder what it is that we are still looking for when we can witness such beauty and still not appreciate its creator. SubhanAllah wa’Alhamdulillah! All my praises, and thanks fall short when the earth and nature itself is praising and glorifying God!