Random acts of kindness that bring me joy

Being a hijabi, I often find myself in situations and places where people are general wary of my presence. Perhaps their discomfort is simply due to the fact that I look different and doesn’t necessarily come from fear. I try not to judge people for feeling this way because I know that it’s just the way people are, we tend to take comfort in conforming… or maybe this is all just in my head because I know I appear different.

Today, my husband and I went to eat at a quick service restaurant. I placed an order for a vegetarian meal (as I don’t eat non-halal meats) and the woman in line behind me politely told me that they have tofu too in case I liked that. I was pleasantly surprised and told her “I’m good” and immediately realized how curt I must’ve sounded. I completed my ordered and thanked her a few times as nicely as possible. I know this sounds silly, but this kind of thing happens so rarely where I live that it made me feel happy that someone who didn’t know me at all, wasn’t worried about my appearance and offered help in a gentle way, and was perceptive enough to realize that I was looking for vegetarian options..Perhaps she has other muslim friends. The woman had her dinner by herself, and left, but she did brighten my day 🙂